Friday, January 4, 2013

Grits & Grace & God Book Review

Grits & Grace & God by Martin Wiles
(Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas)
Reviewed by Lisa Padgett and Lori Hatcher
Martin Wiles’ honesty about his own life helps to put God’s words in perspective.
Dr. Wiles' use of his own struggles and experiences relay a message of having true faith for God to provide. He understands how most of us live and recommends that we can find the best financial advisor in God’s Word.
Grits & Grace & God is an eye opener on giving and how God will bless our daily needs if we follow God’s Word. He teaches us how to stock up God’s storehouse and how God will bless us for obeying him.
I wish this book was written when I was younger so I could understand the process of tithing and how it blesses your life. I recommend this book to all ages, although I wish I could have read it when I was in my early 20’s. Dr. Wiles understands how easy it is to become a slave to consumerism. This book gives us a group of devotions on how to deal with common financial struggles.

Lisa Padgett
Lisa Padgett lives in Harleyville, SC, and is Operations Coordinator at Berkeley Electric Cooperative, Inc.

It's no coincidence that Jesus talked more about money than he did heaven or hell. We deal with money every day. How we gain it, spend it, give it, and invest it says much about our faith.

My friend Martin Wiles has been through the financial fires. He's come through them not only with his faith intact, but even stronger than ever. And he's learned quite a few lessons along the way. He shares them in his new book, Grits & Grace & God.

Enjoy Martin's wise words as spiritual truths clothed in the garb of the ordinary. His devotions meet you where you are and take you into the presence of God.

Lori Hatcher
Martin N MichelleLori is a lead writer for WOW blog and Editor of Reach Out Magazine, Columbia, SC.
This review is incorrectly dated to avoid going out to subscribers. The actual posting date is July 4, 2013.

To purchase Martin's book in print or ebook, visit Amazon.

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