Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Creator/Creation Confusion by Lois Handy

  John Bell, copyright 1998-2007 ( used with permission

An Earth Day Devotion--April 22 is Earth Day

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1

The condition of the earth’s environment is unacceptable! 

We Paved Paradise
Ever since Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden, humans have increasingly neglected the balance of nature.
First we paved paradise, and now we’ve regressed to the point that fossil fuels are burning out of control, and their emissions are polluting the air we breathe. Our throw-away society is spinning uncontrollably as our trash dumps mound higher and higher. Christians are not immune to this earthly decay, yet some query the public dominance of Earth Day and purposeful groups that were birthed to push the cause forward.

Earth Day
April 22, 2010 marked the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Over one billion people celebrated by compelling us to use less water, save electricity, reduce, reuse, recycle, and spread the word. Christians can look at this day as an opportunity to celebrate God’s kingdom. To us it is an opportunity to lift Genesis 1 up to the skies and proclaim how honored we are to preserve that which has been created up by our Lord and Savior. Additionally, we are honored to prepare it for the future activities in his kingdom.. Years from now, others will benefit from our commitment to go green on God’s earth.

John Bell, copyright 1998-2007 ( used with permission

Our first commandment states that we are to put no other gods before us. Essentially we must realize that the green movement should never be a movement that puts the care of our earth in a place above our God. Even beside him would be blasphemous! Our Mighty Deliverer created his earth as a perfect example of what going green means in all of its simplicity. Therefore, we can couple with many environmentalists to enhance our common beliefs about saving the earth. Christians should strive to keep the earth environmentally pure while remembering to not confuse creation with Creator.

Consider doing the right thing:
  • Plan your car travel to include an elderly neighbor who might otherwise have to take a cab. 
  • Carpool when possible. 
  • Plan all travel in a judicious rather than Family Circus kind of way. 
  • Send your fiction and nonfiction books to orphanages in your community or 
  • Bring your unwanted furniture to Habitat for Humanity.  
  • Donate sweaters, sweatshirt, hats, gloves and coats to the needy at 
  • Return your computer towers, monitors and laptops to their manufacturers. (Apple offers gift cards towards new models) 
  • Deposit CFL light bulbs in the designated bins at Lowe’s. 
  • Recycle DVDs and video games at Best Buy. 
Indeed, Christians can maintain their faith in God’s standards and enhance going green by partaking in these secular movements to try to save the earth.

Lois is a retired schoolteacher who loved her 31 years in the classroom. She and her husband Dave and have two married daughters, and love to show pictures of their first “grand,” Lilly B.    Phil. 4:19

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