Friday, April 22, 2011

10 Ways to Celebrate the Resurrection by Brad Bridges

Artwork by John Bell.  Used with permission.
Let’s be honest. Very few people speak of “Easter” other than one week a year. It comes, we remember family traditions, we go to church, and we post a pithy comment on Facebook or Twitter. That’s it.

Okay, that may be a little strong. But, seriously, perhaps you are like me and you find it difficult to do. Life get’s busy. Sharing about Easter feels awkward. Maybe these ideas will help:

1. Watch “The Passion of the Christ” and discuss as a family one thing each person didn’t notice before.

2. Get a kid friendly book such as one of the ones from the series titled Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers that has a book on The Gospel.

3. Ask someone to forgive you for something you’ve done. When they come out of shock that you finally said “I’m sorry,” explain to them that you want to be a more forgiving person, more like Christ.

4. Create your own “Easter Scene” (think Manger Scene from Christmas) that you as a family will use next year to commemorate the occasion.

5. Make an Easter Bunny Cake with friends, family, or children. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

6. Make some Easter baskets (with food and other gifts) late. Take them to some friends as gifts and apologize for not getting around to it until now. (Trust me, they’ll like your imperfection)

7. Make a resolution to slim down (your waistline) by next Easter. When people start to notice, tell them you made a commitment to Christ to care for your body and slim down by next Easter.

8. Bake some Resurrection rolls. They symbolize the empty tomb.

9. Have a “spontaneous” Easter Egg hunt one night in your home. Put gifts in the eggs (not cheesy ones thought, use really good ones) but don’t tell everyone why you’re doing it. Once they’ve all been found, read the Easter story from the Bible or pray as a family thanking Christ for what he did (and the fun traditions associated with it).

10. Find a reason to use a hammer (build something, fix something, or destroy something). Write down a list of why you’re thankful for the crucifixion.

What ideas do you have? Post your comments below.

Brad loves Tarheel basketball, pork BBQ, bluegrass and classical music. He and his wife Lindsey (+ daughter Shiloh Lucia) work with an international foundation in Uruguay. Interact with Brad on Facebook, Twitter, or their Website/Blog.

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  1. Thanks for some great ideas for transmitting the meaning of Easter. I tried the resurrection rolls with my granddaughters and wrote an article on Charlotte Grandparenting about how fun and meaningful they were! Gail Purath


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