Sunday, March 30, 2014

All Time Best Selling Author by Gail

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Do you know who’s the bestselling author of all time? God.

The Bible is first, the writings of Shakespeare second, but third place may surprise you. It’s Agatha Christie. Starting in 1920, her mystery novels have sold more than 2 billion copies.

We love a good mystery, a ‘who-done-it?’, a story with a twist. But we don’t love mystery when it comes to God.

Why does He allow evil? Why doesn’t He heal everyone? How do man’s freewill and God’s sovereignty intersect? Why did He answer her prayer and not mine? We want to have Him all figured out.

But we never will! God is so much greater and more wonderful than we are. There will always be some mystery.  

But we can embrace and enjoy that mystery knowing the two things that God has made crystal clear: He is 100% good and He loves us! 

“the LORD is good. His unfailing love continues forever” Psalm 100:5.
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