Sunday, March 17, 2013

Vocabulary of Praise by Kim Jackson

When I get to Heaven I don’t want to be put in a remedial praise class. 

I’m not sure about the theology of that statement, but you get the idea: I want to be such a “praiser” that it comes naturally, here or there. 

It’s not difficult to praise God when the sun is shining, your bank account is healthy, you’re surrounded by people you love, and there’s purposeful work to do. 

But on days when storms are unceasing, bills are unending, people are frustrating and work is drudgery, praise may not the first thing to pop out of your mouth. 

God's been teaching me about perspective and praise, so I came up with a phrase to help me remember the lessons. 

“Romans 8:28 is not a typo.” 

Is it true that God is working all things together for my good? Absolutely. Might not feel good, might not seem good, and might not be the end of the story. But His promises are trustworthy. So when challenges come I am learning to say, “God, I trust you to work this together for my good and your glory.” 

I’ve also made subtle shifts in semantics. I no longer say “Dear God, thank you for this food.” Instead I pray “God, thank you for this feast.” I’ve traveled enough to know if a plate has food on it, it’s a feast. 

An interesting thing is happening as my perspective shifts. My vocabulary of praise is expanding. I find myself using more words that point to God and His goodness. Instead of being my last thought or even an afterthought, praise is sneaking up the list and often becomes my first thought.

I recently started writing a blog  called "Wow Dee Wow" for the purpose of keeping praise at the forefront of my life. “Wow Dee Wow” was a part of my Mom’s Vocabulary of Praise (for when a simple “Wow!” wouldn’t do), so it’s a fitting title. 

So whether it’s “Yay God! Hooray and Hallelujah! Look at God! Praise the Lord! or Thank Ya Jesus,” let’s join the Psalmist in declaring “I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise will continually be on my lips.”

Kim serves as a missionary/advocate for homeless elderly in Romania through Elder Orphan Care. She brags on God each week at her Wow Dee Wow! blog. Kim prays that her brief stories recounting God's amazing ways will inspire and challenge you to brag on God, too!

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