Saturday, March 2, 2013

Journal is a Verb by Gail Purath

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Do you hate to write?

If so, you may think there's no reason to journal your thoughts, prayers, and Bible study.

However, research shows that even "non-writer-types" benefit from journaling their thoughts when they realize no one is grading or editing them. 

I don't like being "graded" when I journal either. My journals are a way I communicate with God, sharing whatever is on my mind.

It's‘God therapy’ for me because God welcomes us at our “raw” times as well as when we're poetic and profound.

“Come now, and let us reason together,” Says the LORD

                                                                        Isaiah 1:18, NASB

No wonder that studies have shown that journaling:
  1. Strengthens immune cells
  2. Decreases symptoms of asthma and arthritis
  3. Lowers stress
  4. Gives us insight from both our analytical left brain and creative/ intuitive right brain
  5. Allows us to think deliberately instead of randomly
  6. Records our life’s patterns, processes and solutions
  7. Can be a reference for future problems
So grab a notebook and give it a try. It’s good for body, soul and spirit.

Resource: The Health Benefits of Journaling  the 8th reason is the one mentioned share our thoughts and feelings with God. 

Gail writes 1-Minute Bible Love Notes which she calls "an espresso shot of Scripture in your morning latte." If you'd like a 1-minute devotion each weekday, click HERE and find out how easy it is.

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  1. I know you are right. When I have journaled, it is very interesting to look back and see what things have changed. I think the discipline of it escapes me. As in all things that I like to do, I do it more readily. The things I know I should do often get put to the back burner. Thanks for the encouragement. I can start today!


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