Sunday, December 16, 2012

More Than Required by Christy Fitzwater

Christmas Eve is a work night. 

Because we’re a pastor’s family, we’re usually involved in the Christmas Eve services, and we don’t get to enjoy each other until later that evening. 

Last year was different. The church decided to provide a meal, in between the two evening services, for everyone working in the services in some capacity. 

When our family walked into the room for dinner we stepped into a party.  

The couple who cooked the meal made a taco buffet. But they covered the plastic tables with white linen. The tortillas were made from scratch. The guacamole was homemade. They kept hot churros coming. There was a huge bucket full of ice and fun-flavored bottled soda.

Instead of being apart on Christmas Eve my family ended up together around a beautiful table with fun food. Because the couple who provided dinner was so thoughtful to create a special meal with finishing touches, our family was given the gift of laughing and relaxing together at a time when we weren’t expecting it. 

I think about the tasks God has given me. What if I do a little more and do it a little better than the task requires? What difference could I make in someone’s life if I add finishing touches to every task God gives me, if I do my work “heartily, as for the Lord”? (Colossians 3:23)

Christy Fitzwater: "I am a nerdy book reader with an English degree and secondary teaching certificate. My cozy home is in Kalispell, Montana, where I enjoy serving the living God with my pastor husband and two teenagers."
Read Christy's thoughts on her blog Off the Shelf.

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