Sunday, September 30, 2012

“I Just Want to See Your Face” by Lori Hatcher

She had slept in the bed I had provided for her, ate food from my cupboard for breakfast, but when I called to her, she breezed past my doorway with a “Bye Mom,” off into her busy day filled with work, commitments, and fun.

“But I want to see your face,” I called after her, knowing that it would be evening before our paths crossed again, “I love you!”

But she was gone.

Feeling a pang of sadness at this woman-child of mine, I wondered, “When did she get too busy to spend a few moments with her mother in the morning?”

Righteous indignation bubbled up inside me until, in the glimpse of her retreating figure, I saw myself.
How often do I sleep in the bed my heavenly Father has provided for me, eat the food He generously supplies, and breeze right past Him into the busy day ahead without spending a moment in His presence?

“I just want to see your face,” He calls to me, “I love you. . . “

But I am gone.

Read more about Lori on our Lead Writers' page. She has a new book coming out soon!

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