Sunday, August 12, 2012

School Days by Marilyn Nutter

I still remember the chatter and laughter as two of my daughters walked up the driveway. A good sign, I thought, as I listened hard, hoping I’d get a preview of their day. 

They had started at a new school and admittedly had been a little apprehensive when they left that morning. As they walked into the kitchen, Susan threw down her backpack and smiling from ear to ear, announced, “I love it there!” 

Kate was quick to follow, “That is the best school!” 

As I prepared their after-school snack, I listened to a breakdown of their day. I had prayed through their entire day—praying each hour as they changed classes- moving from history to PE to computer, English and music--that they would adapt well, enjoy their classes and make friends. Their positive descriptions of each class and the people they met were answers to my prayers. 

For the most part, the Bible is silent about Jesus’ growing up years. The typical Hebrew customs of teaching the Law were observed and we know that his parents found him teaching adult men in the temple when he was only twelve. 

As the sinless Son of God, He was flawless in His interpersonal relationships. He ate in homes and reached out to the unlikeliest of people. Physically, he grew to manhood. He was in perfect balance. 

As it says in Luke 2:42, “Jesus grew in wisdom, in stature and in favor with God and man.”

How are you doing today? Are you in balance? Are you expanding mentally, taking care of your body, developing a thriving relationship with God, and taking time for friends and family? 

At times and in life seasons, one may take a back seat over another for a short time, but don’t assume ongoing neglect of any. Jesus wants us to grow. He even gives us a model.

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