Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Helpless, Homeless, Jobless...

Imagine working hard all of your life but ending up with a pension so small you have to sleep on the streets and beg for food. 

Such is the plight of many seniors in former-Communist Romania. 

Now imagine being a single woman over 50 in Charlotte, NC and having your job eliminated with no employment prospects or financial resources. 

Such was the plight of Kim Jackson. 

How could these two difficult stories converge into one story of hope? To understand, you need to know more about Kim.

To read the rest of Kim's story and see the grateful faces of the formerly-homeless elder orphans, many of whom were confined to bed before Kim's ministry, click here: 
Kim Jackson and Charlotte Friends Help Homeless Grandparents
Beholding Glory


  1. ...a beautifully written story telling how God can use each of us as an instrument for His glory.

  2. Wow...I'll pop over and read more about Kim....Thanks for bringing attention to this....Sometimes you look at a person and can't know what they may be living through


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