Sunday, October 23, 2011

Completely Corrected by Martin Wiles

My first experience with typing was in high school on a manual typewriter. Learning the letters and numbers was important because correction was a chore. Liquid paper sat nearby. Mistakes were pasted and blown until dry, and trying to return the carriage to the same space was a challenge.

In my second year of typing I used an electric typewriter. With the press of a key, the carriage would advance to the next line. Correction was easier because correction paper was available. No mess and no blowing, but still the ordeal of returning to the same space.

By the time I attended college, electric typewriters had improved. No more liquid paper or correction paper. Now there was correction ribbon. With the push of a button mistakes could be obliterated. But still no method for rearranging text.

God performed a miracle when the computer became available and affordable for the average person. I soon purchased one. No more return handle or button. And mistakes? No problem. Backspace or delete keys removed my errors. Need to rearrange text? Not an issue either. Highlight, cut and paste. And if I accidentally deleted something, the undo button retrieved it.

God performed an even greater miracle at Calvary and the results are still flowing. He placed the sins of the world on his Son. When I ask forgiveness for my sins, God presses the delete button and all my sins-past, present and future are forgiven. I am no longer under condemnation. And he does this for all who ask. Everyone has a past, but in Christ the past is the past and we can leave it there. We may be a product of it but we never have to be a prisoner.

Colossians 3:3 For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. (NIV)

But the news gets better. God will never click the undo button. Once forgiven, we are always forgiven. He will never take away what he has freely given. Our sin problem has been completely corrected. Are you still trying to delete what only God can?

Thank You Lord Jesus for Your gift of love on Calvary and for the forgiveness You freely give to those who ask.

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  1. A wonderful encouraging post! I am so thankful God does not have an undo button.

  2. Thank you for another well written message


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