Sunday, September 25, 2011

Heart Receptivity by Josh Fletcher

My youngest daughter accidentally broke a favorite toy.

She brought it to me, her daddy, because she thought that only I could fix it. But this toy was a beloved toy and she stood with tears in her eyes unable to give it to me for fear that she may never see it again.

I wanted to bless her and fix her toy, but her hands were too full of the broken pieces for me to help her. It wasn’t until I wiped her tears and helped her
understand that in order for me to fix her toy she would have to relinquish it.

When we speak of heart receptivity we are speaking about the willingness to come to Jesus open-handed rather than with clenched fists.
Are we willing to let go of whatever we must so that our hands will be open to receive whatever He has for us? Are we willing to receive whatever God has for us even if it is painful or will require risk and courage? The receptivity of one’s heart in the Christian life may mean the difference between a fruitful or fruitless existence.

God can be trusted. Jesus loves us and He has our best interests at heart. Heart receptivity is about reckless abandon to the coming King and His Kingdom. Our attitude is like the man who sold everything to buy the field that held the one pearl of great value (Matthew 13). Will you have ears to hear and eyes to see? I believe that you will.

Josh is the Director of Spiritual Formation and Men's Ministries at Crossroads Church in Concord, NC. He enjoys spending time with his family as well as fishing, doing artwork, reading and writing.

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