Sunday, September 4, 2011

Heart Habitation by Josh Fletcher

Almost everyone has been through a storm in which the power has been out for at least a few hours. Some may even have had to go without electricity for several days or longer.

How did being without power make you feel? Did you take the presence of electricity for granted? Did you flip switches even when you knew that the power was out forgetting that the storm had left you without lights?

There are many times in my spiritual life when I feel like the power just went out inside me. I have learned to take this as a warning sign that in some place in my life I am not connected to the source, something has broken the power line.

Sin can do this as well as a lack of discipline. Often, when this happens, God is calling me to a deeper dependence upon Him. If I listen to His call I will receive greater understanding and more of His indwelling presence in my life.

Heart habitation is about realizing our position before God and coming to a place of complete dependence upon Him through confession and repentance.

When we speak of heart habitation we are speaking about a holy eruption of the Spirit of God in all its fullness from the innermost heart of a believer as a result of our dependence upon Him.

As long as we believe that we can get along without God in any fashion the indwelling Spirit remains locked away inside the believer. Cultivating a clear and unmistakable dependence upon Christ is a sure way to receive more Holy Spirit power for living. When the power of God comes, the whole house will benefit.

Are you asking God for more power for triumphant Christian living? Are willing to be completely dependent upon Christ in order to receive it? Ask the Holy Spirit to make your heart more hospitable to His Holy Spirit and be willing to change whatever it takes to let the Spirit turn the lights on.

Josh is the Director of Spiritual Formation and Men's Ministries at Crossroads Church in Concord, NC. He enjoys spending time with his family as well as fishing, doing artwork, reading and writing.

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