Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Every Quilt Tells a Story by Emily Carter

One fall, a few of my cousins joined me in the Queen City (Charlotte, NC) for a girls’ weekend, where we visited the Mint Museum of Craft and Design.  

In the American Quilt exhibit we saw a quilt that spoke of hours of tedious work where no two pieces of fabric were the same.

We saw quilts of vibrant colors and one in solid off-white. Each one was handmade and unique; no two were the same.

These quilts mirror our lives.

1. No two are alike.
Each of us has been created uniquely to tell a story. For Christians, the stories may be similar as we recount who Jesus is to us, but still, every story will be different because Christ has done a special work in each of our lives.

2. All quilts have a pattern. The quilter must have a vision for what he or she is trying to accomplish with the creation. This thought as it applies to life causes me to ask myself some questions. I hope you will ask yourself the same ones.

       * As I am sewing my experiences together, am I using the Master’s plan for my life or am I haphazardly
          putting the pieces together?

       * Am I trying to live my life by the detail of God’s plan or am I doing things my own way?

       * What is my excuse for having pieces that don’t fit or pieces that don’t please God? (What is my
          reasoning for unkind words and actions?)

Yes, I am human and therefore I sin, but should I abuse God’s grace? The apostle Paul says no! I must live as the new creation that I am.

As friends and family look upon the quilt of your life, what do they see? Do they see a story of devoted service and undying love for the King? If not, know that it is not too late to change your story. What new pieces can you sew into your quilt to point others to Jesus?

Emily, wife of Hayden and mother of three, loves to teach God’s Word. She leads Bible studies and works with young adults at Pitts Baptist Church in Concord, NC.  Emily’s site:

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