Monday, June 27, 2011

Untamed Book Review

Untamed, How the Wild side of Jesus Frees Us to Live and Love with Abandon
by Lisa Harper, Reviewed by Lori Hatcher

"Jesus confronted confusion, oppression, dishonesty, and spiritual deadness because He cares so much about us and isn't willing to let us settle for anything less than the abundant life and absolute freedom God created for us to enjoy," 
Untamed, Chapter 8:  "The Divine Trait of Stepping on Toes."

Untamed turns Jesus upside down!

One by one Harper debunks the myth of the milquetoast Jesus that plagues our world today. Even her chapter
titles challenge wrong perceptions of Christ and offer scriptural proof that we serve a God who is wildly untamed.

For example:
• "Rough, Tough, and Ready to Rumble," 
• "Simply Irresistible,"                               
• "The God Who Leaves Men Gaping," 
Harper weaves a mixture of anecdotes from her difficult childhood with Bible passages, all the while unveiling characteristics of Christ. To this she adds powerful quotes from respected Bible teachers and preachers and Greek and Hebrew word studies. She concludes each chapter with discussion questions & scripture passages for further study.

Harper focuses on those characteristics of Christ that we desperately need to understand and experience in order to "live and love with abandon." At times, I found myself tempted to cheer out loud as Harper championed our Savior as wildly pro-women, wildly confrontational, and wildly redemptive. Other times I was moved to tears when she reminded me that Christ is wildly devoted and wildly attentive.

My only complaint is that Harper occasionally tries too hard to make her Bible stories contemporary and that becomes distracting and slightly irreverent. But most of the book is thoughtful and relevant.

Untamed is appropriate for Sunday school, women's Bible studies, small groups or personal study. It would be helpful to seasoned believers, newer believers and even unbelievers because it reveals Christ in all His fullness, which is very winsome.

Note: Lori received this book free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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