Thursday, July 7, 2011

Same Kind of Different As Me--Book Review

Same Kind of Different As Me
By Denver Moore and Ron Hall with Lynn Vincent

Reviewed by Gail Purath

What could a wealthy white art dealer have in common with a street-smart African-American ex-con who was unable to read or write? Nothing…

Denver Moore was homeless and meaner than a junk-yard dog when he met socialites Ron and Debbie Hall at a Dallas rescue mission. Ron had made millions selling fine art and Denver had never owned more than the clothes on his back.

But Ron’s wife Debbie knew something Ron and Denver didn’t know. She was one of those unique saints ‘of which the world is not worthy,’ and she was as persistent as she was loving. Sure that God had a plan for Denver and her husband, Debbie persevered until she melted both mens' hearts.

Chapters in the book alternate between Denver and Ron, starting with their childhoods and early lives, giving their personal commentary on the events that brought them together and changed both of their lives. One of the most tragic aspects of this true story is Denver’s early life as a share cropper, a system which benefited whie owners but kept blacks uneducated and poor.

The story is about human strength and weakness, faith and doubt, joy and sorrow—the things that keep us apart and draw us together. The message is clearly Christian and should inspire readers to persevere in loving others, especially those who seem “different.”

What could a wealthy art dealer have in common with a street-smart ex-con who was unable to read or write? Nothing…and everything.


  1. I'm so glad you have read this book. My daughter-in-law lent me her copy and I just loved it. It's powerfully written and moved me to tears. My daughter-in-law was drawn to the book because it talks about places in the Ft. Worth area that she is familiar with, and made her more aware of the "seedier" side of life in her own community. We hear so much about the 99% and the 1% these days. Those who have must share with those who have not, but relationship and acceptance is a necessary part of the sharing. Handing over the money is not the answer.

  2. Same Kind of Different as Me tells the story of two men: an older, black, homeless man and a wealthy, white art dealer. Denver Moore is a vagabond who made his was to Fort Worth, Texas several years ago, leaving a life of modern day slavery, sharecropping, and crime back in Louisiana. Ron Hall is a wealthy, international art dealer who drives a Rolls and wears Armani. They are brought together by Ron's wife, who has a heart for the homeless in their area, and isn't content to stand by and do nothing.
    Themes such as love, commitment, friendship, loyalty, forgiveness, and dedication are all addressed in this amazing true story. Along with it, though, are stories of pain, heartbreak, and turmoil. It is a testament to the faith of one woman who brought together two unlikely men in a unique friendship. A friendship that not only would survive the tumultuous waves of life, but that would make huge strides in changing the world.
    Above just being an inspiring story, this book is a challenge to those of us who live comfortable lives.


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