Sunday, June 12, 2011

Master Craftsman by Lois Handy

She’s the only woman in the place who can tell men to take their pants off! “Just step in the next room, and then bring them to me,” she says. Measuring five feet one and shrinking, her short stature doesn’t take away from her amazing spunk. At 96, her crown of snowy white hair accents her ready smile. My mom, Josephine Brummer, practically dances the floor as she fleets from one locale to another. No assistance needed!

Mom’s passion in life is sewing. She and my dad live in a life care facility where mom blesses over 300 customers with her clothing alterations skills. A tour of her walk-in closet reveals a fashion show of clothing to be altered. A tuck in the bodice, 50 cents, a new zipper, $1, trousers hemmed, 75 cents. It’s the love of the work that motivates mom and the monetary gain is meaningless.

Watching mom at the sewing machine is like observing a master craftsman. She is gentle and respectful of the fabric whether old or new. She bastes her clothing projects with even stitches, being careful to get the tension just right. Looking at her work, whether from the back or the front, is like looking at an artist’s rendition of symmetry, each stitch mirroring the last. When she inserts the fabric and puts the presser foot down, she wisely and respectfully keeps in mind the endless possibilities of such a fine tuned instrument.

Isn’t that the way with God? My life is in constant need of a quick tuck, an all around hem or an unexpected expansion! My master craftsman gently leads and revives me, and it’s all accomplished by Hand! Jeremiah 18:6 reminds us: “Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand…” He diligently bastes my soul preparing me so that I can be a personal witness for his kingdom.
Just as my mom alters garments, God takes great pleasure in molding me in his image. Sometimes it seems that God’s message is methodical as he encourages me to have a listening ear for his next instruction. Other days, the presser foot is down and I know I need to heed immediately. He gets the tension of life just right! That Bible bobbin spins keeping me grounded while the Lord makes that path of my life straight, yet there’s enough tension to catapult me back to His Word for answers. Just as the sewing machine creates even stitches, each of God’s steps mirrors the last, consistent and true. Furthermore, his fee is nominal. All that was required of me was to repent and accept Him as my Lord and Savior. Jesus paid it all and washed my sins away in one fell swoop. Just as my mom knows the possibilities of the fabrics and her sewing machine, my Holy Master Craftsman knows my potential as He molds me to further his kingdom.

    Lois is a retired schoolteacher who loved her 31 years in the classroom. She and her husband Dave have two married daughters, and they love to share pictures of their first "grand," Lilly B. Phil. 4:19.


    1. Lois,
      This was such a neat story about your mother's love of sewing. What an excellent example of someone using their gift to bless others. I loved your analogy of the presser foot keeping just enough tension on the fabric like God keeps just enough tension on our lives to draw us back in to Him.

    2. Lois:
      Thank you for this fun and powerful article about your earthly mother and your Heavenly Father! I enjoyed reading about your Mom's passion and skill for sewing as well as your spiritual insights. I'm going to share your post with both "sewing" and "non-sewing" friends :)
      Well done, Lois!

    3. Lois,

      What a great article. I am so glad that Kim forwarded the link. I love how you describe your mother's love for the fabric. I can picture her love flowing through each alteration she does.

    4. My goodness! What a creative heritage - Grandma's sewing and your writing. The Brummer women rock! I am honored to to a member of this family.

      Love, Alisa

    5. I'm thankful to God that my daughter has such a wonderful husband, and is part of such a wonderful family. God is GREAT!!! Ed Nelson


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