Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just Like The Days Of Noah Book Review

Just Like The Days of Noah 
by Jan Darnell
Reviewed by Emily Mockovciak, 
Author of “A Woman of Valor”
Actual date of this book review is June 2012

Finally, a Biblical Workbook Study…
that introduces and outlines the tribulation texts from Matthew 24, Revelation, Daniel and other prophetic books succinctly and completely. 

Whether you study Just Like The Days of Noah individually, or with a group of believers, you will be challenged on every front to be prepared to live in this catastrophic time. Through historical backgrounds, explanatory and devotional footnotes, Jan shares insights into the Hebrew and Greek meaning of biblical terms, such as: “Beginning of Birth Pangs”, the “Abomination of Desolation” and the “Heavens Being Shaken”, etc. 

I am now fortified in my mind and faith …
with a knowledge of future events that will soon unfold, I finally understand that it is God’s intention to preserve my life in these last days, not whisk me away prematurely. I am ready to see Jesus return to the earth as King and Lord and excited about His coming!

What path will you take to get ready…
for the greatest event of all….the Second Coming of Jesus Christ…and do you really understand the times we live in?
We are currently living through many natural disasters…
of epic proportions, as well as an economic and political upheaval that continues to erupt throughout our world. We must come into alignment with God’s purposes and timing explained in His Word in order to survive fear, unbelief and doubt.

A must for every believer …
this Workbook, Just Like the Days of Noah, will prepare you to be watchful and wise, able to “encourage each other as you see the day drawing near.” (Hebrews 10:25) I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to stand strong in these “last days” before the Christ returns. 

Just Like the Days of Noah is available at Crossbooks and Amazon.

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