Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Hidden Heist by Brad Bridges

To the restaurant we went, dressed to the nines,
Thinking of days, we happily celebrated Valentines.

Love was in the air, thoughts of a future together,
If only I could show her, my love for her would only get better.

Then were gifts, food, cards,dates, promises, and wishes,
Nothing like the present, where thoughts wander to dishes.

But what type of love, a love focused on earning,
Buying things often, a passion that was burning.

To gain a person’s love, one must daily demonstrate,
One’s worth and ability,before it is too late.

Isn’t this the same for all, we work to receive love,
Usually due to our struggle, to receive it from above.

For if we rooted our hope, in our upward identity,
We wouldn’t require it, from friends, family, or another personality.

We’d receive the entirety, of our worth, our emotional needs,
From an eternal, endless source, rather than people, money, or deeds.

The truth of scripture ruling, the spirit of Romans 5:8,
Where we encounter true love, not guilt, striving, sadness or hate.

But God demonstrates, His love for us in that,
While sinning, for us Christ died, then on his throne, he sat.

A vastly different love, based in sacrifice,
One I can never earn, because He paid the price.

We reject it outright, though, when we buy the terrible lie,
Believing that He won’t love us, if we’re not a perfect gal, a perfect guy.

Human relations are different, often based in earning,
Demonstrating, manipulating, to fill a void, rarely discerning.

The need we all have, to love, and for love to be shown,
Where we encounter a safety, which by the wind can’t be blown.

Our marriages wouldn’t need, fear, guilt, anger, or striving,
A rest would come from Him, who grants peace, always providing.

Needs would decrease, especially in the physical realm,
Where energies, often exhausted, lack Him guiding at the helm.

If only our love was sourced, in acceptance, joy, and divine hope,
Our relationships wouldn’t need, money, gifts, a rat race in order to cope.

As we contemplate February 14th, a day dedicated to love and passion,
It seems we must ask, if it’s our hearts we should refashion.

So we can reduce our efforts, to win love, to allow a hidden heist,
Characterized by a rejection, of our absolute security in Christ.

Perhaps then we’ll love sacrificially, not in an attempt to satiate a need,
Due to an overflow of love, allowing Christ, not insecurity to lead.

Brad loves Tarheel basketball, pork BBQ, bluegrass and classical music. He and his wife Lindsey work with an international foundation in Uruguay and they have a daughter, Shiloh.  Interact with Brad on  Facebook, Twitter, or their Website/Blog.


  1. Wow Brad! What an awesome poem. So much truth in it. I heard a sermon today very similar to this. Thanks for reminding us where our true love and satisfaction comes from.

  2. Wow Brad! You wrote this??? Amazing. I'm printing it off and showing it to my hubby. This is a great reminder! Especially after a wonderful Valentine's Day. Thanks!

  3. Original poetry rocks! Good job, Brad =)

  4. What a great poem! You are quite talented, Brad.


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