Saturday, October 30, 2010

Superman by Craig Luper

As a little boy my all time favorite super hero was Superman (he was so much cooler than the other super heroes!) and, by the way, he still is. I would come home from school every afternoon and there on the TV was Freddy Fudd’s tree house club. He would show all kinds of cartoons and then save the last 20 minutes for “Superman,” it was always the highlight for me. I was always right there with him, flying through the streets, fighting the bad guys, having bullets bounce off of him, and stopping trains on a dime. I would dream of flying and having those incredible powers. If only I were really superman and had all those powers, then I could change the world!

Jesus is getting ready to ascend back to heaven and he tells the disciples to go to the tree house (upper room) (Acts 1:4) and wait for the package that is coming. In this package you will receive a superman outfit (literally power or dynamite) (Acts 1:8).

The purpose of Superman’s power wasn’t so he could abuse it or use it for his own purposes, but to help mankind. The package of power that was to be delivered by the Fed-ex guy (i.e. the Holy Spirit) wasn’t to be abused or used just on themselves but to receive that power so that they could be a witness wherever they were, where ever they went.  The Holy Spirit would fill them, zap them, overwhelm them, lead them, and even give them the words to say at the right time. We see the evidence of God fulfilling this promise to the 120 in Acts 2 where the church is birthed supernaturally and with power.

In Calvin Miller’s book, “The table of Inwardness,” he writes about a antique wooden dynamite box in his home. Here is what he said about the box: the box was made in the 19th century. On the lid were large red and black letters, which said, “DANGER DYNAMITE.”  Inside the box when you opened it, it was filled with common paraphernalia that could be found in a workroom.

I think at one time or another we’ve all dreamed of being some kind of super hero with great powers.  Here is the reality for us as Christians: we have the power! In our hearts where we have been sealed, there are letters there that read, “Danger, Dynamite!” That dynamite is the Holy Spirit, but have we taken this box (our temple) and just put common paraphernalia that can be found any where in the world? Or are we filled with the fullness of Him, led by Him and walking in His presence?

I used to really want to be Superman, but you know I’d rather be a Christian walking in the power of the Spirit, led by Him daily, having DANGER – DYNAMITE written in my heart, than just being a comic book super hero. What about you?

Craig Luper is the executive pastor at Crossroads. You can go to the Crossroad's web site to read more about Craig, his family and his ministry.


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